All your punks are belong to us.
PunksDed is a collection of 1,200 GAN AI-generated NFTs paying homage to CryptoPunks. 100% of mint proceeds go into the DAO treasury to acquire floor punks.
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All your punks are belong to us

PunksDed is a collection of 1,200 GAN AI-generated NFTs paying homage to CryptoPunks, the godfather of NFTs. 100% of mint proceeds and 80% of secondary royalties go to acquiring floor CryptoPunks for the PunksDedDAO treasury.

The DAO is named after the "punks ded" copypasta meme as often mentioned in the Larva Labs CryptoPunks Discord.

Be a part of history

CryptoPunks is the most prominent NFT and digital collectible, having inspired the modern crypto art movement, as well as being considered as a Veblen Good. The DAO will acquire floor punks agnostic of traits and rarity.

Each PunksDed NFT serves as a DAO governance token and community membership. It represents one vote in any decisions made by the DAO, including governance of the treasury.

PunksDed NFTs will be available for sale gradually as decided by the community. 10% of the supply is budgeted to reward community contribution.

Join the NFT x DeFi revolution

Being the most prominent NFT asset, CryptoPunks are primed to be the first NFTs to leverage the innovation from decentralised finance (DeFi).

The DAO intends to utilize emerging innovation in the intersection of DeFi and NFTs. For example, NFTs acquired may be staked to earn utility tokens.

We are a community driven organization and welcome all contributors to join us.

DAO Governance
The DAO treasury is secured by a multi-sig wallet governed by crypto builders and punk aficionados.